Herbal Hair Oil Enriched with Milk Proteins


Ida’s Essence Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil is developed to combat Dandruff and Hairfall.

Made with Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Milk Protein and herbs. Contains no synthetic chemicals.

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Ida’s Essence Hair Oil is crafted based on Ayurvedic formulae original to Kerala, aimed at combatting Dandruff and Hairfall.


Ingredients: Pure Coconut Oil, Bringhraj, Bibhitaki, Yashti-madhuka, Madhuparnnika, Guduchi, Curry Leaves and Milk protein.


No parabens, mineral oils or preservatives used. We have worked hard to manufacture our oil using high-quality natural ingredients and sourcing them responsibly.


Directions for use: 

Our oil is meant to be used on hair-wash day and not be left for more than half an hour.

Spray some of Ida’s Essence Hair Oil onto your palms and spread evenly.

Gently start rubbing the oil into the hair at its base, covering the entire scalp.

Let it sit for half an hour while getting ready for your shower.

Wash your hair as you do with shampoo and enjoy the great benefits of Milk Protein and Ayurvedic Herbs till your next shower.


The bottle includes a convenient pump and dispenser to make it easy for you to use.


Oil Type: Light, Non-sticky. 100mL will last 30 uses.


In the Box: 1 100mL bottle of Ida’s Essence Organic Hair Oil with a spray pump.

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